Audio Stream Player 1.0.3
Audio Stream Player is a sound player that streams data from internet to your device and plays them. It has a database of more than 25000 online radio stations that you can search and add to your list. It can also plays your own streams from any source or from our own "Stream Server" from Mac App Store.

You can mark some stations as a playlist and change the station remotely, i.e. from car bluetooth player by seeking the previous or next track.

It's a free app with a small ad at the bottom which you can remove by upgrading to no-ad version.

Watch app can be used with or without phone to play streams directly to watch speaker or any Bluetooth device paired to the watch.

What's new in version 1.0.3
- Fixed a problem causing current playing track to not show the track properly when in full version mode.
Version 1.0.2April 24, 2022
- A new playlist system
- Improved integration with backend database
- Current playing song or title of podcast is now detected.
Version 1.0.1June 30, 2020
- Added watch app.