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Cloud Media Player 1.0.8
Cloud Media Player is a general player for contents stored in common cloud platforms without downloading them to device. The following cloud platforms supported:

- Google Drive
- One Drive
- Dropbox
- Box Cloud
- WebDAV compatible NAS

In addition, when playing or viewing a file you can download it into local device to check it later when not connected to internet.

The following media are currently supported:
- Video Files (mov, mp4, m4v, mkv, flc, fli, avi, mwv, ts, m2ts and more)
- Audio Files (mp3, mp4, wav, caf, aif, aiff, ...)
- PDF Documents
- Most Office Documents
- Images

Audio and Video players are equipped with special gestures for easy navigation and transcription.

What's new in version 1.0.8
- Support new devices.
- Support iOS 13
Version 1.0.7October 18, 2017
- Improve stability with iOS 11
Version 1.0.6February 7, 2017
- Fixed a few issues causing app to not work properly on iOS 10.
Version 1.0.5May 16, 2016
- Added support of