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Dish Align 2.4.0
Dish Align is a simple yet powerful app for alignment of the satellite dish. It allows you to select exact location of the dish and requested satellite, them shows you you can align the dish to get proper signals.
It has a built-in compass specially designed to simulate the dish as your iPhone, so you will get the exact direction of the dish to be pointed.

As of version 1.2, Dish Align supports dynamic satellite list. If changes need to be done to satellite list or a satellite positioned incorrectly, drop us a line in Feedback section.

There is a small ad at the bottom of page which keeps the production going and make the app free. However if you don't like it, upgrade to No Ad version and all advertisements will be gone.
What's new in version 2.4.0
- Improved compatibility with iOS 14
- Implementing AdTracker permission
- Fixing a problem causing address search to not work as expected
Version 2.3.8November 27, 2019
- Fixed a problem causing "Address Search" to not work properly
- Improved compatibility with iOS 13
Version 2.3.7January 29, 2018
- Improved compatibility with iPhone X and iOS 11
Version 2.3.6November 6, 2017
- Improve compatibility with iPhone X
- Added version and last update of the satellite list
Version 2.3.5August 1, 2017
- Added address search support
Version 2.3.3February 3, 2016
- Added support of iPad Pro screen
- Added transponders list of each satellite
Version 2.2January 24, 2015
- Improved stability
Version 2.1December 15, 2014
- Compatible with iOS8 and iPhone6 and 6+ screen sizes
Version 2.0February 13, 2014
- Compatible with iOS 7
- Improved user interface
Version 1.3July 17, 2013
- Compatible with iPhone 5
- Fixed an issue related to upgrade system
- Added sound to compass
- Added polarisation
- Fixed a few minor bugs
Version 1.2September 12, 2012
- Favorite Satellites
- Support of dynamic satellite list, list of satellites will be updated more frequently.
Version 1.1June 20, 2012
- Added support of Multi-LNB setups
- Some improvements in satellite list
- Added manual find location