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ESP Home 1.0.4
ESP Home is a general framework for controlling an IoT (internet of things) device from mobile.

ESP Home App uses your JavaScript files to connect and control the interface. You design sections and rows and then control them from JavaScript. All design tasks can be done on in user area. ESP Home hosts your data and JavaScript files. Once you logged into the App, your files will be synchronized with the server and when you select a device on the list in app, JavaScript of that device will be run and starts working. You connect to the real device for API commands from within JavaScript files.
What's new in version 1.0.4
- Fixed a bug causing push notification to fail on devices having iOS12 or older.
Version 1.0.3December 12, 2019
- Added support of sending push notification
- Added support of dark mode in iOS 13
Version 1.0.2August 13, 2018
- Improved connection handling
- Fixed a few minor bugs