IPTrace 1.2
IPTrace is an IP lookup and trace route utility allowing you to find the approximate route on the map to get from your current location to the target IP address or domain name.

IPTrace combines results of trace route (also known as tracert on Windows Systems and traceroute on Linux) with IP to Location service from Dayana Networks to visually plot the trace on map.

Some features of the IPTrace are:
☼ Time track on each trace on map
☼ Geographical distances between hops
☼ Ability to send results and map graph by email
☼ Detect Loops (traces within same router or location)
☼ 99.8% accuracy on a country level
☼ 83% accuracy on a city level for the US (within 25 mile radius)
☼ 84% accuracy on a city level for the Canada (within 25 mile radius)
What's new in version 1.2
- Support of iPhone 5 screen
- Support of iOS 6.1