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Jigsaw Pro Puzzle 2.6.7
Jigsaw Pro is a jigsaw puzzle game that uses traditional jigsaw pieces. Jigsaw Pro supports high definition screen of iPad 3 and has lots of free puzzles.

Some puzzles have no preview to surprise you when the puzzle solved.

Jigsaw Pro has 4 difficulty levels:
Easy - 84 pieces
Normal - 144 pieces
Hard - 240 pieces
Extreme - 378 pieces

Some features of Jigsaw Puzzle are:

- Game center integration
- Assembly Pad, it's a pad that can be placed on top of puzzle to improve visibility of unplaced pieces.
- Personal Puzzles, you can basically create a puzzle from any image in your Photo Album or capture a new image with camera.
- Unique pattern for each and every puzzle/game.
- Bring group of pieces to the board, that would be border pieces as well as top, middle or bottom pieces.
- A rolling bar to keep all unsolved pieces for better access
- Customize background theme and color
- Customize rolling bar and assembly pad color

What's new in version 2.6.7
- Update for iOS 13
Version 2.6.6May 11, 2016
- Fixed an issue causing solved puzzles to show incorrectly when not signed into Game Center
Version 2.6.3January 21, 2016
- Support for iPad Pro screen
Version 2.6.2May 21, 2015
- Fixed a bug causing the puzzle images to not show properly
- Added a button to switch categorized listing
Version 2.6.1March 16, 2015
- Fixed a few minor bugs discovered on iOS8
Version 2.5January 24, 2015
Improved stability
Version 2.4December 12, 2014
Fixed a bug causing crash when exiting a puzzle in iOS8.
Version 2.3December 2, 2014
- Upgraded to 64 bit for applicable devices
- Added optional sound FX
- Added a warning when moving joined pieces to the roller with option to turn it on or off.
- Fixed a bug causing Game Center score to not being updated on screen
- Fixed a bug causing personal puzzles image to lose their image after a device restore from iCloud or iTunes backup.
Version 2.2August 17, 2014
- Improved vector puzzles
- Minor bugs fixed
Version 2.1July 30, 2014
- A bug causing the app to crash on some devices fixed.
- More options and customization added.
Version 2.0July 13, 2014
- Added ability to create your own puzzles (Personal Puzzles).
- An empty pad in puzzle screen to allow solving when there is no where to put new pieces.
- Option to remove downloaded images when puzzle finished to save disk space.
- User interface improvement
Version 1.7September 18, 2013
- Bug fixes
- Improved compatibility
Version 1.6September 4, 2013
- Improvements in user interface
- Live stats of every level of each puzzle
- Support of larger puzzle collections
Version 1.4November 2, 2012
- Option to show all surprise puzzles
- Option to allow a quick peek during the game
- Option to remove borders from placed pieces
- Support of customized background color of puzzle solving area
- Share solved puzzles in Facebook (iOS 6 only)
- Compatible with iOS 6
Version 1.3September 13, 2012
- Pieces can be joint together.
- You will be notified when new collection added
- Some minor improvements.
- A bug fixed in Game Center integration.
Version 1.2August 7, 2012
A bug related to iPad 3 retina display fixed.
Version 1.1July 27, 2012
- Fixed a few minor bugs
- Comply with apple guidelines for not backing up of the downloaded images.
- Support Game Center
- New Extreme level of 375 pieces.