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Network Utilities 1.2.1
Network Utilities is a handy tool for network administrators. It includes the following services:

- General System Information including hardware, memory usage, disk usage, network interfaces, WiFi, etc.
- Detail of device network interfaces
- Ping IP or Host
- Trace Route to an IP or Host name from device
- IP Range Scanner, check which IP in range is alive
- Port Scanner, check a specific IP or Host for open ports
- Network Browser, see the devices around you on your network
- IP Location, location of an Ip or Host
- Whois, information about a domain
- NSLookup, DNS records of a domain or FQDN
- IP Calculator, network calculator for IPv4
- IPv6 Calculator, network calculator for IPv6
- SSH Client
- Telnet Client
- Wake on Lan (WOL)
- Test Email Validity
- RBl Blacklist Check

It also has a Today Widget that shows the current connected WiFi, IP addresses and cellular network.

What's new in version 1.2.1
- Fixed a bug causing ping to not work as expected on some routes that have different TTL on each packet.
- Added IPv6 preference to ping.
- Ping is now showing the pinged IP address in the results instead of host name.
Version 1.2.0May 26, 2021
- Fixed Telnet light background mode
- Fixed NSLookup auto select name server on iOS14+
Version 1.1.8April 24, 2020
- Fixed some interface issues.
- Port Scanner and IP Range Scanner can now filter the results in 3 categories, show all, show alive and show dead.
Version 1.1.7March 27, 2020
- Added World Ping, it can ping an IPv4 or v6 or a domain from several locations around the world.
- Fixed keyboard type of DNS server in NSLookup. It can now accept dns server in any form including FQDN.
Version 1.1.6February 27, 2020
- Added support of choosing different interfaces in Network Browser
- NSLookup is now using name servers of the device to find the answers. It's completely redesigned to do the job on the device itself.
Version 1.1.5January 15, 2020
- Fixed the class definition in IP v4 calculation
Version 1.1.4December 6, 2019
- Fixed the system up time in System Information section
- Improve sharing function
Version 1.1.3November 13, 2019
- Fixed a problem causing edit fields to not shown properly on iOS 12 and below.
Version 1.1.2November 3, 2019
- Fixed a bug causing "System Information" to crash.
- Added support of optional location service that allows users to see the connected WiFi SSID (iOS 13).
Version 1.1.0October 28, 2019
- Support of dark mode in iOS 13
Version 1.0.9June 13, 2019
- Fixed a bug causing IP Location to not work properly
- Added IPv6 support to IP Location
Version 1.0.8March 7, 2019
- Added RBL Blacklist Check
Version 1.0.7November 29, 2018
- Added informative watch app
- Fixed a few minor bugs
Version 1.0.6November 12, 2017
- Added Wake on Lan
Version 1.0.5October 4, 2017
- Fixed a problem causing icons to not load properly on iOS 10.3.3 and lower
Version 1.0.4September 28, 2017
- Improved compatibility with iOS 11
Version 1.0.3September 11, 2017
- Added Blink SSH Client
- Added a utility to test validity of an email address
- Added a Telnet Client
- Added a Today Widget to monitor current connection status and IP addresses
- Fixed an issue preventing detection of External IP in System Information.
Version 1.0.2July 16, 2017
- Added speed test service
- Added ability to arrange list of services