NSLookup 1.6.1
NSLookup is an internet utility to get domain's DNS information. It will help you to find the target IP address of a domain or see what name servers are set on a specific domain.

NSLookup for iPhone and iPad allows you to see the public DNS records of domains or sub domains. Then you may also query the NS and CNAME records. It's also possible to force it to get an authoritative response from main DNS server of the domain.
What's new in version 1.6.1
- Fixed a bug causing app to crash on iPad when trying to change query type or query class in options.
Version 1.6.0June 1, 2021
- Completely redesigned with modern features.
- Lookup queries are now being originated from device itself.
- Added support of dark mode
- Added support of AdTracking on iOS 14
Version 1.5.5January 5, 2020
- Fixed a bug causing app to crash on iOS 12 and older
Version 1.5.4January 3, 2020
- Fixed a bug causing Upgrade to pro version to fail in some countries.
- Better compatibility with iOS13
Version 1.5.3May 7, 2019
Fixed a few minor bugs
Version 1.5.2June 20, 2018
- Fixed a bug causing app to not work properly in full version
- Improved compatibility with iPhoneX
Version 1.5.1June 9, 2017
- Improve compatibility with latest iOS version.
Version 1.4May 29, 2014
- Compatible with iOS7
- Added support of inline IP location
Version 1.3May 27, 2011
- Now you can get the Pro version of NSLookup with no advertisement.
- Added support for IPv6 queries
Version 1.2May 6, 2011
- Ability to send the lookup results by email.
- Some minor bugs fixed on iPad version.