Farda Station - ایستگاه فردا 3.2.2
Playable podcast of Istgah Farda and Live playback of Radio Farda

Some features of this app:
- Download Istgah Farda programs and listen to them when offline.
- Send text messages to Istgah Farda
- Send voice messages to Istgah Farda
- Post Facebook comments
- Access to Archive and download older programs.
- Listen to RadioFarda Live

What's new in version 3.2.2
- Improved compatibility with iOS 13
Version 3.2.1January 25, 2018
- Added support of Istgah Farda
- Added support of iPhone X
- Improved compatibility with iOS 11
Version 3.0.1November 21, 2016
- Fixed a few minor bugs
Version 3.0.0November 16, 2016
- Support new Istgah 5 program
Version 2.7January 13, 2015
- Fix a bug that caused resume function to not work properly
- Added a table like view for social network carousel
- Added support of iPhone 6 and 6+ screen resolutions
- Added ability to show records with diagonal background when you already listen them
- Fixed a bug causing the resume function to not work properly
- Fixed a bug causing app to crash when changing the playback position (forward or backward)
Version 2.6December 14, 2014
- More information about each episode including picture and facebook comments
- Ability to post facebook comment for each episode
- Improvement in playback
- Improvement in handling download tasks
- Compatibility with 64 bits devices
Version 2.4December 13, 2013
- Added low quality bluetooth player back as an optional feature.
- A few minor bugs fixed.
Version 2.3November 22, 2013
- New interface for iOS 7
- Improved interface for iOS 6
- Fixed a bug in voice recorder on iOS 7
- Added support of 3 different level of sound quality when downloading latest programs or archives
- Now showing last 50 programs.
- Better support of live streaming
- Support of high quality Bluetooth speakers and AirPlay.
Version 2.2October 26, 2012
- Listen to Radio Farda Live
- Comments and subject of each episode added.
- Better download experience (both latest programs and archive) in some regions.
- Ability to send downloaded file to other apps.
- Support of Georgian dates in addition to Persian/Shamsi dates.
- A few minor bugs related to older versions of iOS fixed.
Version 2.1October 2, 2012
- Integration with screen lock controls
- Support of landscape mode in iPad
- Support of new iPhone 5 screen
- Support of iOS6
Version 2.0July 30, 2012
- Now you can send voice messages directly to Radio Pasfarda
- Entire archive of Radio Pasfarda is now accessible and you can keep them as long as you want (no auto delete for archives).
Version 1.3June 24, 2012
- Offline mode fixed. Now app can be run in offline mode.
- Support of playback through Bluetooth connected devices (like car, speaker, etc).
- Improved contact interface.
Version 1.2June 4, 2012
- You can delete the downloaded files manually.
- Downloaded files will be removed automatically after 30 days.
- Now you can send message to Radio Pasfarda and developers of this app.
- Added support of Resume on partial downloaded files.
- Added support of download in background.
- Added support of canceling a download task.
- Some minor bugs fixed.
Version 1.1April 29, 2012
- Bugs fixed
- Now can be used from filtered internet
- New version first downloads the podcast and then plays it. This way you can download them when you have internet and play it later.