Voice Record Pro 4.0.3
Professional Voice Recorder for iPhone, iPad and iWatch! No limitation, Completely FREE!

Voice Record Pro is a professional voice recorder. It allows you to record voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality.
Voice Record Pro can record directly in MP4 (AAC), MP3 (MPEG) and WAV (PCM) formats plus convert function for all supported formats.

None of the features are limited by in-app purchase, they are all free and without limitation. in-app purchase can be used to remove the bottom advertisement from the app.


- Unlimited recording, the only limit is your device free space.
- Record audio in M4A/AAC format, you can choose the exact quality of the record including bitrate, sample rate, bit depth, number of audio channels and encode quality.
- Record audio in MP3 format, in addition to sample rate, bitrate, bit depth and number of channels you can also set to record MP# in VBR (Variable Bit Rate) or CBR (Constant Bit Rate).
- Record audio in WAV/PCM format, sample rate, bit depth and number of channels can be configured.
- All formats can be set to record audio in silence detection mode, which will only record audio if detected (record level is configurable)
- Ability to enable/disable iOS Voice Processing and mix with background sounds.
- Ability to record in stereo format on supported devices.
- Apply effects while recording
- Add bookmarks during record session


- Change playback speed
- Boost audio volume
- Change playback volume and divert into connected devices (AirPlay)
- Jump to previously defined bookmarks and add new ones
- Read and edit notes
- Swipe gestures to short and long jump forward and backward, amount of jump is configurable
- Swipe gestures to previous and next track
- Loop playback on single record or play multiple records in sequence


- Export to and import from Google Drive™, DropBox, Microsoft® OneDrive (personal and business), Box Cloud, iCloud Drive, Amazon S3
- Export to SoundCloud and Custom FTP server
- Post to Any Web base Script
- Import from device Music Library
- Sync records with other nearby devices running this app
- Send to other devices via Bluetooth
- Download directly to PC using built-in web server via local WiFi connection
- Upload from PC using WiFi connection
- WebDav support using WiFi service
- Convert to a movie clip and export to Photo Albums
- Post as a Movie Clip on YouTube
- Export to other apps on your device that can handle the audio file
- Import from other apps
- Send Audio or Movie by email
- Send Audio or Movie by SMS/iMessage


- Add notes to records
- Add photo to records
- Add bookmarks to records
- Simple trim and Advanced trim functions
- Modify ID3v2 tags
- Append a record to another record
- Split audio files into separate files based on equal parts, file size or bookmarks
- Join multiple audio records into one
- Apply effects while recording
- Apply effects to the recorded or imported file including:
- Echo
- Volume/Gain
- Pitch & Speed
- Reverb
- Distortion
- 3/6/10 Band Equalizer
- Add reminder alarm for each record
- Color tag audio files
- Convert M4A to and from MP3 to and from WAV


- Protect the app with a passcode
- Create custom movie templates
- Built-in WiFi http server
- Custom categories for better organizing
- Customized swipe to right gestures on each record
- Multiple sort options and deep customization of track lists

and much more. Enjoy.
What's new in version 4.0.3
- Update for iOS 17.5
Version 4.0.0November 21, 2022
- Added ability to share notes and open them in other apps
- Fixed a bug showing incorrect IP address in WiFi Download when device is connected to WiFi and connected to a computer by cable.
- Improved compatibility with WatchOS 9
- Added an option to change category of each record.
- Trim and Effect is now using a completely new routine to apply effects with more precision.
- Added dedicated buttons to jump forward and backward, can be removed in settings.
- Added support of PCloud
Version 3.7.5June 9, 2022
- Added a sign-out button to cloud sources that allow user to sign-out without trying to login.
Version 3.7.4May 1, 2022
- Fixed OneDrive upload of large files for OneDrive Business.
- Fixed OneDrive logout
Version 3.7.3April 4, 2022
- Fixed a problem causing OneDrive to not work properly.
- Fixed SoundCloud upload.
Version 3.7.1February 8, 2022
- Improved compatibility with iOS15
Version 3.6.8June 10, 2021
- Fixed user interface issue on iPhone 12 Mini
- On iOS14.5, recording and playback will not be interrupted on system alerts (e.g. incoming calls) when notification of those alerts are in banner mode (not full screen mode).
Version 3.6.7May 23, 2021
- App will not ask for AdTracking if user purchased no-ad upgrade
- Added support of stereo recording to Advanced Engine
- Fixed a problem causing "Send By Bluetooth" having trouble finding nearby devices
Version 3.6.6March 25, 2021
- Improved Download Link system of sending records by email or messages
- Added an option to enable or disable the password protection for Download Links of email or messages
- Integrate ad tracking privacy settings
- Ask for all necessary permissions at the beginning
Version 3.6.5December 8, 2020
- Improved compatibility with iOS14
Version 3.6.3September 14, 2020
- Fixed a bug causing Google Drive to not recognize uploaded records if there are more than 256 records.
- Extended the time that silence detection will record for one seconds after dB dropped under the set value.
Version 3.6.2June 3, 2020
- Fixed a bug ignoring the setting for adding bookmarks automatically when recording in silence detection mode.
- Fixed a bug causing watch recorder to stop when screen goes off or app goes into background.
Version 3.6.1May 14, 2020
- Added a new option to set a reminder for record.
- Added a new setting to set the current clock as title of bookmarks instead of record or playback time.
- If record has an image, it will be shown in playback panel
- Fixed a bug causing records with a large image cannot be exported to Google Drive
- Apply necessary requirements by latest YouTube Terms of service.
Version 3.5.7December 10, 2019
- Advanced edit and split is now working as they should for WAV format.
- Fixed a problem causing OneDrive export and import to not work properly in some countries.
- Fixed a typo in list of activities in "Swipe Right Actions"
Version 3.5.6November 19, 2019
- Addressing an issue causing Advanced Edit and Audio Splitter to not work properly on iOS 13.1 and 13.2
Version 3.5.5November 1, 2019
-Fixed a problem causing app to crash when coming back from background (iOS 13+)
Version 3.5.4October 22, 2019
- Fixed a problem causing PinProtect to not work properly on iOS 13
- Fixed a bug causing in-app purchase to crash in some countries
- Fixed a bug causing Advanced Edit to crash on iOS 13
- Fixed a bug causing Audio Splitter to crash on iOS 13
Version 3.5.3September 26, 2019
- Fixed a bug causing Trim and Effects to crash on iOS 13
- Advanced edit is now full screen on iOS 13
- Zoom function on Advanced edit improved
- Fixed a bug causing Advanced Recorder to fail on higher sample rates on iOS 13
Version 3.5.2August 3, 2019
- Fixed a bug causing add to category before recording to not work properly on iPad
- Added support of converting spaces to dash, under line or dot when suggesting a file name based on title (thanks J.C)
- Fixed a bug causing crash or hang in some very rare cases
- Added support of choosing aws region to Amazon S3 import/export.
Version 3.4.8May 8, 2019
- Added a toolbar to notes dialog to control playback of the track while editing notes.
- Playback speed can be changed in Advanced Edit
- Export to Facebook has removed
- Improved duration accuracy
- Added new settings to Display Options to control displaying the empty categories
- Added support of importing tracks from music library of the device
Version 3.4.7January 26, 2019
- Added a new source to cloud services to allow import or export to another nearby device
- OneDrive import/export fixed.
- Added support of OneDrive Business.
- Fixed a problem causing Advanced Edit function to not work properly on some files in iOS 12.x
- Improved the search functionality
Version 3.4.6November 16, 2018
- Added progress status to transferring file on watch app
- Added support of manual transferring the recorded file from watch to phone
- Added an option to watch app to keep track of playback position and resume from that position
- Fixed a few minor bugs in watch app
- Fixed a problem causing app to crash when deleting an item in some situations
- Added an option to sort and display to show the rows in a bigger format
- Added an option to list of record operations to edit and manage bookmarks
- Added a section to settings to allow maintaining the categories
- Improved repair process of WAV formatted files
- Fixed a problem causing setting section to cause crash on older devices
- Fixed a problem causing main list in check mode to not layout properly
Version 3.4.2October 19, 2018
- Watch App: Added support of background recording and playing
- Watch App: Compatibility with WatchOS 5 and support new complications
- Added language option to transcription service
Version 3.4.1September 27, 2018
- Search function now covers notes and bookmarks in addition to title and filename.
- Added an option to Settings -> Playback to limit the playback speed rate.
- Added transcription service
- Improve compatibility with iOS 12
- Improve compatibility with new devices iPhone XS, XS Max and XR
- A workaround for crash on some devices when browsing iCloud files
- Fixed a problem causing search results to be empty on some devices
Version 3.3.8August 15, 2018
- Added complication shortcuts to watch app.
- Added ability to edit notes from WiFi web interface and added an option in settings to enable or disable this feature.
- Fixed a problem causing app to crash if protected with passcode and FaceID enabled.