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Voice Record Pro 7 4.0.0
Voice Record Pro 7 is a professional voice recorder based on powerful engine of Voice Record Pro, but with a more flat design. It allows you to record voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality. Voice Record Pro 7 can record directly in MP4 (AAC), MP3 (MPEG) and WAV (PCM) formats plus convert function for all supported formats.

With recorded files you can:

- Export to and import from Google Drive™
- Export to and import from DropBox
- Export to and import from Microsoft® OneDrive
- Export to and import from Box Cloud
- Export to SoundCloud
- Export to FTP server
- Export to any hosted Web based Script
- Send to other devices via Bluetooth
- Download directly to PC using built-in web server via local WiFi connection
- Upload from PC using WiFi connection
- WebDav support using WiFi service
- Convert to a movie clip and export to Photo Albums
- Post as a Movie Clip to YouTube
- Export to other apps on your device that can handle the audio file
- Import from other apps
- Send Audio or Movie by email
- Send Audio or Movie by SMS/iMessage
- Add notes to records
- Add photo to records
- Add bookmarks to records
- Modify ID3v2 tags
- Append a record to another record
- Split a record into multiple parts
- Join multiple audio records into one
- Apply effects to the recorded or imported file including:
- Echo
- Volume/Gain
- Pitch & Speed
- Reverb
- Distortion
- 3/6/10 Band Equalizer

Additionally you can:

- Convert the records to other formats
- Trim the records
- Duplicate the records
- Append records
- Protect the app with a passcode

and much more. Enjoy.
What's new in version 4.0.0
- Added ability to share notes and open them in other apps
- Fixed a bug showing incorrect IP address in WiFi Download when device is connected to WiFi and connected to a computer by cable.
- Improved compatibility with WatchOS 9
- Added an option to change category of each record.
- Trim and Effect is now using a completely new routine to apply effects with more precision.
- Added dedicated buttons to jump forward and backward, can be removed in settings.
- Added support of PCloud
Version 3.7.4April 30, 2022
- Fixed OneDrive upload of large files for OneDrive Business.
- Fixed OneDrive logout
Version 3.7.3April 4, 2022
- Fixed a problem causing OneDrive to not work properly.
- OneDrive bug fixed when exporting directly from options.
- Fixed SoundCloud upload.
Version 3.7.2March 31, 2022
- Fixed a problem causing OneDrive to not work properly.
Version 3.7.1February 8, 2022
- Improved compatibility with iOS15
Version 3.6.8June 8, 2021
- Fixed user interface issue on iPhone 12 Mini
- On iOS14.5, recording and playback will not be interrupted on system alerts (e.g. incoming calls) when notification of those alerts are in banner mode (not full screen mode).
Version 3.6.7May 21, 2021
- App will not ask for AdTracking if user purchased no-ad upgrade
- Added support of stereo recording to Advanced Engine
- Fixed a problem causing "Send By Bluetooth" to not find the nearby devices
Version 3.6.6March 23, 2021
- Improved Download Link system of sending records by email or messages
- Added an option to enable or disable the password protection for Download Links of email or messages
- Integrate ad tracking privacy settings
- Ask for all necessary permissions at the beginning
Version 3.6.5December 5, 2020
- Improved compatibility with iOS14
Version 3.6.3September 12, 2020
- Fixed a bug causing Google Drive to not recognize uploaded records if there are more than 256 records.
- Extended the time that silence detection will record for one seconds after dB dropped under the set value.
Version 3.6.2June 2, 2020
- Fixed a bug ignoring the setting for adding bookmarks automatically when recording in silence detection mode.
- Fixed a bug causing watch recorder to stop when screen goes off or app goes into background.
Version 3.6.1May 13, 2020
- Added a new option to set a reminder for record.
- Added a new setting to set the current clock as title of bookmarks instead of record or playback time.
- If record has an image, it will be shown in playback panel
- Fixed a bug causing records with a large image cannot be exported to Google Drive
- Apply necessary requirements by latest YouTube Terms of service.
Version 3.5.7December 9, 2019
- Advanced edit and split is now working as they should for WAV format.
- Fixed a problem causing OneDrive export and import to not work properly in some countries.
- Fixed a typo in list of activities in "Swipe Right Actions"
Version 3.5.6November 18, 2019
- Addressing an issue causing Advanced Edit and Audio Splitter to not work properly on iOS 13.1 and 13.2
Version 3.5.5October 25, 2019
-Fixed a problem causing app to crash when coming back from background (iOS 13+)
Version 3.5.4October 22, 2019
- Fixed a problem causing PinProtect to not work properly on iOS 13
- Fixed a bug causing in-app purchase to crash in some countries
- Fixed a bug causing Advanced Edit to crash on iOS 13
- Fixed a bug causing Audio Splitter to crash on iOS 13
Version 3.5.3September 25, 2019
- Fixed a bug causing Trim and Effects to crash on iOS 13
- Advanced edit is now full screen on iOS 13
- Zoom function on Advanced edit improved
- Fixed a bug causing Advanced Recorder to fail on higher sample rates on iOS 13
Version 3.5.2August 3, 2019
- Fixed a bug causing crash or hang in some very rare cases
- Added support of choosing aws region to Amazon S3 import/export.
Version 3.5.1June 25, 2019
- Fixed a bug causing add to category before recording to not work properly on iPad
- Added support of converting spaces to dash, under line or dot when suggesting a file name based on title (thanks J.C)
- Hopefully fixed a bug causing crash or hang in some very rare cases
Version 3.4.8May 5, 2019
- Added a toolbar to notes dialog to control playback of the track while editing notes.
- Playback speed can be changed in Advanced Edit
- Export to Facebook has removed
- Improved duration accuracy
- Added new settings to Display Options to control displaying the empty categories
- Added support of importing tracks from music library of the device
Version 3.4.7January 23, 2019
- Added a new source to cloud services to allow import or export to another nearby device
- OneDrive import/export fixed.
- Added support of OneDrive Business.
- Fixed a problem causing Advanced Edit function to not work properly on some files in iOS 12.x
- Improved the search functionality
Version 3.4.6November 15, 2018
- Fixed a problem causing setting section to cause crash on older devices
- Fixed a problem causing main list in check mode to not layout properly
Version 3.4.5November 12, 2018
- Minor bugs fixed and improved stability
Version 3.4.4November 8, 2018
- Fixed a bug causing app to crash when loading list of tracks in edit/select mode on iOS 9 and 11
Version 3.4.3November 7, 2018
- Added progress status to transferring file on watch app
- Added support of manual transferring the recorded file from watch to phone
- Added an option to watch app to keep track of playback position and resume from that position
- Fixed a few minor bugs in watch app
- Fixed a problem causing app to crash when deleting an item in some situations
- Added an option to sort and display to show the rows in a bigger format
- Added an option to list of record operations to edit and manage bookmarks
- Added a section to settings to allow maintaining the categories
- Improved repair process of WAV formatted files