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Voice Record Pro 7 Full 3.4.8
Voice Record Pro 7 is a professional voice recorder based on powerful engine of Voice Record Pro, but with a more flat design. It allows you to record voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality. Voice Record Pro 7 can record directly in MP4 (AAC), MP3 (MPEG) and WAV (PCM) formats plus convert function for all supported formats.

With recorded files you can:

- Export to and import from Google Drive™
- Export to and import from DropBox
- Export to and import from Microsoft® OneDrive
- Export to and import from Box Cloud
- Export to SoundCloud
- Export to FTP server
- Export to any hosted Web based Script
- Send to other devices via Bluetooth
- Download directly to PC using built-in web server via local WiFi connection
- Upload from PC using WiFi connection
- WebDav support using WiFi service
- Convert to a movie clip and export to Photo Albums
- Post as a Movie Clip to YouTube
- Export to other apps on your device that can handle the audio file
- Import from other apps
- Send Audio or Movie by email
- Send Audio or Movie by SMS/iMessage
- Add notes to records
- Add photo to records
- Add bookmarks to records
- Modify ID3v2 tags
- Append a record to another record
- Split a record into multiple parts
- Join multiple audio records into one
- Apply effects to the recorded or imported file including:
- Echo
- Volume/Gain
- Pitch & Speed
- Reverb
- Distortion
- 3/6/10 Band Equalizer

Additionally you can:

- Convert the records to other formats
- Trim the records
- Duplicate the records
- Append records
- Protect the app with a passcode

and much more. Enjoy.
What's new in version 3.4.8
- Added a toolbar to notes dialog to control playback of the track while editing notes.
- Playback speed can be changed in Advanced Edit
- Export to Facebook has removed
- Improved duration accuracy
- Added new settings to Display Options to control displaying the empty categories
- Added support of importing tracks from music library of the device
Version 3.4.7January 25, 2019
- Added a new source to cloud services to allow import or export to another nearby device
- OneDrive import/export fixed.
- Added support of OneDrive Business.
- Fixed a problem causing Advanced Edit function to not work properly on some files in iOS 12.x
- Improved the search functionality
Version 3.4.6November 16, 2018
- Added progress status to transferring file on watch app
- Added support of manual transferring the recorded file from watch to phone
- Added an option to watch app to keep track of playback position and resume from that position
- Fixed a few minor bugs in watch app
- Fixed a problem causing app to crash when deleting an item in some situations
- Added an option to sort and display to show the rows in a bigger format
- Added an option to list of record operations to edit and manage bookmarks
- Added a section to settings to allow maintaining the categories
- Improved repair process of WAV formatted files
- Fixed a problem causing setting section to cause crash on older devices
- Fixed a problem causing main list in check mode to not layout properly
Version 3.4.2October 19, 2018
- Watch App: Added support of background recording and playing
- Watch App: Compatibility with WatchOS 5 and support new complications
- Added language option to transcription service
Version 3.4.1September 27, 2018
- Search function now covers notes and bookmarks in addition to title and filename.
- Added an option to Settings -> Playback to limit the playback speed rate.
- Added transcription service
- Improve compatibility with iOS 12
- Improve compatibility with new devices iPhone XS, XS Max and XR
- A workaround for crash on some devices when browsing iCloud files
- Fixed a problem causing search results to be empty on some devices
Version 3.3.8August 15, 2018
- Added complication shortcuts to watch app.
- Added ability to edit notes from WiFi web interface and added an option in settings to enable or disable this feature.
- Fixed a problem causing app to crash if protected with passcode and FaceID enabled.
Version 3.3.7August 8, 2018
- Added an accessory button to paste the current recording time in notes when taking notes during recording.
- Minor interface improvements
- Fixed a bug preventing Audio Joiner to show the target title correctly.
- Clarify why sometimes app does not show in list of the apps to have microphone access in Settings ~> Privacy.
- Added option of sending movie of the track to other apps.
- No more direct Facebook publishing, it has been disabled by Facebook! Option will be removed in next release.
Version 3.3.6January 20, 2018
- Fixed a problem causing multi-select toolbar to not appear correctly.
Version 3.3.5January 6, 2018
- Fixed a bug causing reorder on options to not work properly.
- In record options, now you can select target category for recording. When recording done, it will be moved to selected category.
- Added a protection system for M4A recording in advanced engine to recover the record in case of a crash or battery failure. It can be disabled in settings -> Advanced Recording
- Added a new VU meter with current playing or recording note
Version 3.3.4December 7, 2017
- Added support of cover art in ID3 tags
- Minor improvements in user interface
Version 3.3.3November 23, 2017
- Fixed a bug preventing transfer of recorded tracks on Apple Watch to iPhone.
- Added support of 3D touch quick peek and pop.
- Improved search function
- Added track of each upload to cloud platforms and show them in options screen
Version 3.3.2October 15, 2017
- Fixed a problem causing Dropbox to crash if you login with a business/team account
- Improved movie creation templates and added some predefined templates
- Fixed a problem causing Facebook to not logout properly when requested
- Added a swipe to right function to each record in list, can be customized in settings (available on iOS 11).
Version 3.3.1October 5, 2017
- Fixed a problem causing icons to not load properly on iOS 10.3.3 and lower
Version 3.3.0October 3, 2017
- Fixed login issue of Dropbox
- Improved compatibility with Box Cloud
Version 3.2.8September 29, 2017
- Fixed a problem causing YouTube upload to fail or crash
- Fixed a bug that prevented some tracks to play from 3D touch or today widget
- Improved compatibility with iOS 11
- Improved compatibility with more mp3 files when trimming and appending
Version 3.2.4September 19, 2017
- Fixed an issue causing pause/resume function to not work properly when controlling the playback from a headset
- Fixed a bug causing Today Widget to not loading in some cases
- Fixed a problem causing some mp3 files without proper ID3 tag to not trim, split or edited.
Version 3.2.3August 29, 2017
- Added a today widget for easier access
- Added an option to set the file format (M4A or MP3) for recording preset setting.
- Fixed a bug causing pause function to not work properly while recording in very rare situations
- New icon for better recognition
Version 3.2.1July 31, 2017
- Fixed a problem causing FTP export to fail in some special cases like using SSL.
- Added a customizable sort option for cloud import
- Fixed an issue causing system backups to fail on some devices
- Added an option to allow deleting files from WiFi interface
- Upgraded to Facebook SDK 4.24.0
- Better integration with Lock Screen playback controls
- Added options to sort section to make the title and file name fields bold
Version 3.1.9May 7, 2017
- Fixed a bug causing audio player to crash if file is not playable
- Added a new option to Setting -> Export to let you send email using VRP servers instead of iOS mail client
- Fixed a bug on Watch app preventing the audio to continue playing when app goes to background
- Added SSL option to FTP Export allowing the connection to be secure in addition to authentication
- Added a new option to define a suffix for file name.
Version 3.1.8April 27, 2017
- Added an option to ask for bookmark title when adding the bookmark
- Fixed a problem causing duration of the MP4/M4A records to be inaccurate after editing with Advanced Edit
- Added a new future to Advanced Edit to export a selected slice to a new file
- Added a new section to settings to allow creating custom templates for converting records to movie
- Added a new engine for playback including an Audio Boost option to increase the volume up to +24 db
- Added Input Gain to advanced engine for recording.
- Fixed an issue causing some MP3 files to not play to full length
- Added a new option to prefix the default title of bookmarks with an index number
- Added a new section to Cloud sections to backup some system files like Movie Templates and Effect Presets with ability to restore them on same or other devices.
- Fixed a problem preventing playback to resume after interruption.
- Fixed a bug within watch app that crashes randomly when browsing the records.
Version 3.1.4July 10, 2016
- Fixed an issue preventing remote events (play, pause, etc) to work properly
- Added a new option to multi record selector allowing user to join all the records together.
Version 3.1.3June 11, 2016
- Added import support of AIF, AIFF and CAF files
- Added a new option to split files into several parts
- Fixed a bug causing mp3 encoder to crash randomly when recording in mp3 format or converting to mp3
- Fixed a bug causing problems with recording engine if calibration has not completed
- Fixed a possible issue with mp3 encoder when using advanced recording engine
- Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash if using iCloud import
Version 3.1.1May 16, 2016
- Added spotlight search integration
- Fixed an issue causing the playback or recording start from 3d touch before entering the passcode when app is protected with passcode
- Added record information (duration, sample rate, etc) to exported meta file
- Added color tag that allows you to tag each record with a color for better recognition
- Added an option to automatically add a bookmark if recording paused
- Added an option to save current playback position and resume from that position if you stop and play again. This option is enabled by default and can be disabled in settings.
- Added keyin value for playback speed slider and gain control. Tap on the default button to key in the exact value that you need to set.
- Added options in settings to set the jump duration of gain control, playback speed and silence detection.
- Added a remote control section to watch app, now you can start, pause or stop a recording remotely from your watch.
- Added ability to modify notes while playing a file
- Added a new button to keyboard of the notes section to enter current location
- Added a Questions & Answers section, contents will be added over time
- Added ability to select records in order and play them in same order
- Added ability to rename the file and change title while recording
Version 3.1.0January 26, 2016
- Fixed a bug causing Advanced Edit to crash on iPhone
- Added gestures on VU meters for easier navigation
- Fixed a bug that prevents the app to run properly on iPod Touch
Version 3.0.9January 13, 2016
- Fixed a bug that caused mail dialog to hang when changing the From Address in ipad
- Added a new option to Settings -> Playback to keep the screen ON during playback
- Added iCloud Drive support to import/export platforms
- Implemented a readable meta file system, when you export a file to a cloud platform, meta data can be read by a simple text viewer
- A new set of options added to settings page for controlling the record session that allow you to change the record category, mixing with background audio, voice processing and more
- Added support of shortcut action to record instantly from home screen (available on iOS9 with 3D touch devices)
- Support of new snap-in screen on iPad
- Photo of the record is now uploaded to Sound Cloud as cover photo
- Redesigned WiFi download with a better look and ability to upload from PC/Mac to device. Upload can be disabled from settings -> General
- Fixed a bug causing restore deleted files to not working properly when a file with same name exist.
- Added two options to export settings to prefer sending email and sms by Link, Attachment or ask each time.
- Fixed a bug causing Sound Cloud upload to not working properly.
- Improved integration of Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and Box SDK.
- Added support of shrinkable sections, pinch to expand/shrink all sections and related options in sorting menu and general setting
- Fixed an issue with some MP4/M4A files that causes them to not play properly or detect the duration in some apps
- Trim/Edit is now Trim & Effects, Added Echo, Reverb, Volume, Pitch, Distortion and 3 other equalizers to be applied to the file with preview and export.
- Added watch app
- Support of new screen size of iPad Pro
- By default, we use M4A extension for AAC files for better compatibility with other apps. Option to set it back to MP4 is available in Settings.
- Added WebDav support to WiFi service
- A new section added to change title dialog to suggest a filename based on entered title.
- In notes dialog, you can now increase or decrease the font size
- Added import/export to WebDAV server
- Added ability to play first and last 3, 5 or 10 seconds of the track when trimming/editing.
- Added a new recording engine called 'Advanced Engine', it allows you to monitor the recording session, select input microphone, add on the fly effects and more
- Added support of touch ID to unlock the passcode
- Added a new option for MP4/M4A file to be fragmented and then combined together when recording finished